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Grain Market in Khanna

One of the biggest Grain Market in Asia is the Grain Market in Khanna and it is globally renowned as the largest supplier of grains. The first Grain Market in Khanna, came into existence in 1906 and there has been no looking back since then. There is a huge turnover of revenue because of this Grain Market and a lot of grains in the form of wheat, rice, groundnut, and many other food grains, are exchanged and exported from Khanna.

There are registered arhtiyas or Licensed Commission Agents, who work continuously in the market or the Mandi as it is popularly known. Khanna, contributes a lot to the economy of the state and  thereby the country due to its Grain Market. Also, a lot of employment opportunities have been generated by the day to day volumes of business that is conducted in this Grain Market.

The Grain Market in Khanna

Grain Market or Mandi in Khanna

The Grain Market is situated towards the west of the city and is strategically located between Grand Trunk Road and Samrala Road, which makes it the main point of huge business due to its easy accessibility and proximity to the National Highway 1. There is also a New Grain Market, which has come into existence due to the huge volumes of business and he increase in demand of the food grains. The nearest railway station is the station of Khanna and is just a kilometer away from the Grain Market.

Grain Mandi of Khanna

There is a Market Committee which looks into the day to day functioning of the market. There is a conglomerate of villages, which come together to do business in this market and earn their livelihood from this market. Some of the major food grains, which get processed here are Wheat, Paddy and Groundnut. The next favorite items are Rice and Mustard followed by Sunflower and Cotton.

The total area consumed by this market is around 35 acres and it houses around 300 to 400 shops and booths. There are some shops cum flats available in this area as well. There was a record of 11 lakh quintal sale of wheat and 24 lakh quintal sale of Paddy in the year 2008 and 2009, which is surpassed by a sizable margin in the current year and recent past years. There are around more than 300 Licensed Commission Agents, working in this market area.

Largest Grain Market of Khanna

The Grain Market, is well maintained and has all important facilities like Water Supply , Sewage Network etc.

Nearby Area of the Grain Market

There is another site or market area, which spreads over an area of 26 acres of land and is located or placed near Samrala road near Model Town and works as a super paced and busy Mandi. There is also a big vegetable market or Sabzi Mandi, close to the Grain Market, which spreads over and area of 7 acres and has around 60 plus shops cums flats and some more fruits and vegetables booths and booths, which sell other necessary food items etc. All important vegetables like potato, onion, tomato etc. are available in the market.

Nearby Area of Grain Market in Khanna

Both the Grain Market and the Fruit/ Sabzi Mandi, generate their revenue by charging market fee at 2% of he selling price and 2% of Revenue Development Fund.

Godowns in the Grain Market

There are close to 6 Godowns in the city of Khanna. Of the godowns in the city there is a godown which is located on Samrala road and is known as the Markfed and there are two F.C.I. Godown, of which one each is situated on Railway road & G.T. Road. and there is one Warehousing godown beside Grain Market.

Therefore, this is one of trade hubs of the city of Khanna and is strongly responsible for generating huge revenue for the city of Khanna and for the state of Punjab.

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